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IRO enhances natural landscape of holiday hut

Shepherd’s Delight, in Brampton, has recently undergone improvements to the site with the introduction of new shepherd’s hut and an accompanying hot tub.

Overlooking the pond and an array of wildlife, the romantic getaway is tucked into the stunning landscape of the Cumbrian countryside – and IRO was the perfect product to enhance the natural beauty of such a setting.

David, owner at Shepherd’s Delight, said: “Having worked with the BSW team on previous projects, we already had a good relationship and had heard about their exciting new product, IRO Timber. I had mentioned that I was looking at building a hot tub area for my holiday cottage, Shepherd’s Delight, and they recommended IRO for both the decking and cladding.

“We wanted to keep the setting picturesque and decided to go with a natural product since we are surrounded by nature. We also liked the fact IRO is water repellent and more resistant to mould and rot as a result of how the product is heat enhanced and coated in a wood cream. We went for the ‘mountain’ colour for both cladding and decking as this fits in with the cosy decor we have created in the cottage.

“I’d definitely recommend IRO to others. The product is available from a range of distributors, so it was easy to source and simple to install ourselves. Overall, we found the process really simple and straightforward.”

David also used product left over from the hot tub installation to create a table and a selection of planters, demonstrating IRO’s impressive versatility.

James Brennan, marketing manager at IRO Timber, said: “Timber is a natural material and due to IRO’s unique production process, we have created something that not only blends seamlessly into countryside and city environments alike, but is also long-lasting and easy to maintain in comparison to traditional alternatives.

“The clever use of IRO cladding and decking at Shepherd’s Delight has truly encapsulated the beauty of the hut’s surroundings, creating a relaxing atmosphere for anyone who visits.”

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Our current colour range includes Charcoal, Chestnut and Driftwood. 

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