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IRO adds charm to market-leading modular buildings

Carbon Dynamic specialise in manufacturing cost-effective homes, making the most of sustainable materials and locally sourced products to lower their carbon footprint.

The business is built on using homegrown products to help add value to the UK market – and with timber being Carbon Dynamic’s most used material, IRO was the perfect fit.

They already had an existing relationship with IRO’s parent company, BSW Timber, and use a lot of their products. Carol introduced IRO Timber and they were keen to use the product from the get-go.

Matt Stevenson, Director at Carbon Dynamic, said: “We’re familiar with the yakisugi method of charring wood and of using different surface treatments. This gives the wood an added level of protection and gives it a beautiful enhanced grain appearance.”

IRO external cladding and decking go through a seven-step process that involves kiln drying, heat enhancement, brushing, high pressure treatment and coating the material in a cream, giving IRO its vibrant colour and water repellent properties. This further increases the longevity of the product.

Matt added: “We were drawn to the fact IRO comes in a suit of 15 different colours which means our customers can customise their homes from top to toe in a product we love!

This adds more value to their home and makes it special because they’ve had more of an input in the overall design.”

It was also vital for Matt to find a product that was unique but didn’t vary in colour, which means making the most of the material and minimising waste.

“We aim to recommend the best of the best to our customers as product’s reputation can affect ours if it doesn’t work well. We’re extremely happy with IRO and have been using the product for a whole range of projects.”

Carol Burns, Sales Area Manager at IRO Timber, said: “It was important for Carbon Dynamic to use a high-end product that could be used for jobs of different sizes. I’m delighted that we were able to help and that the company is creating some truly beautiful modular buildings.

“Two products from the IRO range (external cladding and decking) have been used for their projects and it’s great to see the products working so well together.”

To find out more about the IRO decking and cladding range, email us at hello@irotimber.co.uk.

Our current colour range includes Charcoal, Chestnut and Driftwood. 

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