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A blend of white, vanilla tones and soft greys work together to capture a beach atmosphere with nature’s time-worn elegance and a relaxed charm.

Colour Story

IRO Driftwood is reminiscent of coastal landscapes and whitewashed vistas. This light cladding is warmly entwined with the soft whispers of pale and sandy beige. This is all underpinned with tranquil greys, kissed by hints of sea-foam. Its a harmonious ensemble, reflecting the relaxed charm of nature’s sun-bleached handiwork.

Modern edge to any outdoor space

IRO brings a modern edge to any outdoor space, blending sleek design with durable functionality. Its contemporary aesthetic will seamlessly integrate into urban landscapes or natural settings. While maintaining a sophisticated appearance, IRO is created to be resilient against the elements. Whether used as seating, accent pieces, or focal points, its versatility enhances outdoor environments with a touch of elegance and style, redefining outdoor living with a distinctively modern twist.

Product Info

Nominal size (mm)

25 x 150

Finished size (mm)

22 x 145

Length (mm)

3600, 4800


Square Edge


Homegrown Larch

About Driftwood

A blend of rich brown and soft greys, working together to capture the essence of nature’s time-worn elegance and relaxed charm.

Sustainability, flexibility, functionality. Built in.

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