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IRO cladding finishes a beautiful eco-friendly home

When Stuart Paine, Director at HAPA Architects, was approached by a client to create a sustainable eco-friendly house, it seemed like the perfect project. Sustainability was a subject matter that was close to their hearts at HAPA, having been keen advocates of low-energy design for many decades.

IRO Timber external cladding was chosen for this innovative project, helping to create an eco-friendly home that was beautiful, practical and kinder to the environment.

IRO Timber is sustainably sourced and helps to provide a crisp yet familiar aesthetic that HAPA where keen to achieve. They used our ‘charcoal’ colour, which is the darkest available in the range, to achieve the Scandi-inspired ‘black barn’ aesthetic they were looking for.

“We were particularly impressed with the aesthetic of the pronounced grain and colour depth produced by the Yakisugi method of charring wood,” said Stuart.

“We liked the way the sunlight fell on the enhanced depth of grain, producing definition in the materials.”

The Yakisugi method, which is used on all of our IRO Timber products, involves charring the surface of timber, which is then complemented by being brushed and treated.. It is 100% eco-friendly, UV stable and HVOC-free, making it incredibly durable for outdoor cladding; particularly for spaces which are built for eco-efficiency.

HAPA Architects created the design, using IRO Timber, to clad the full exterior of the building. Combined with copper gutters, polished concrete flooring, a dark slate roof and large wall-length windows, this created an impressive contemporary yet rustic look.

Sustainability benefits

As the cladding of low-energy dwellings is key, it was also vital that the timber used was durable enough to withstand the elements. IRO Timber is coated in a wood cream that not only gives a smooth, glossy finish, but that can also endure weather and temperature changes.

“IRO mention that the Yakisugi charring and finishing cream give greater resistance to moss, algae, and insect attack, which is extremely important for the durability of the product,” added Stuart.

Our touch-up cream, which is typically applied every 3-5 years, helps maintain the water repellence of the timber, and keeps the UV resistance stable so the cladding will still look new over time.

The project took 10 months to complete, with onsite construction managed by Brian Huntly Builders.
The eco aspect of the project was incredibly important to HAPA, as they believe that their positive impact to climate is paramount.

Stuart said: “As a country we have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and there is absolutely no way this can be achieved unless we look to increase ‘demand side’ efficiency.

“This can be achieved by reducing the demand on fossil fuels and creating onsite power generation, all coupled together with high levels of insulation and clever passive solar gain design.”

Alix Lancaster, Marketing Executive at IRO Timber, said: “It is so exciting to see IRO being used on such a big scale. The charcoal cladding really gives the house a modern but timeless twist that lends itself to its natural surroundings.

“I love how the cladding complements the other materials they used, such as the copper gutters and the glass wrap-over window,” said Alix.

Manufactured in the UK, IRO is a cladding solution that is ideal for the eco-conscious while still retaining a smooth, colourful finish.

Find out more about our IRO range or get in touch with our team, or click here to contact HAPA Architects.

Our current colour range includes Charcoal, Chestnut and Driftwood. 

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