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Embracing IRO this Winter

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the quest for sustainable materials is at the forefront of decision makers’ minds in our industry. The use of IRO Timber is just one eco-friendly option that is gaining traction – it’s a revolutionary choice for cladding, and decking. Here, we’ll explore the environmental benefits of IRO Timber, discuss maintenance tips for the winter season, and uncover why IRO timber is the ideal choice for outdoor spaces.

The Environmental Benefits of IRO Timber

Sustainable Sourcing: IRO Timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests and adheres to stringent environmental standards. We ensure that the harvesting process promotes forest regeneration, while maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Longevity and Durability: IRO Timber’s enhanced durability means it lasts longer, reducing the frequency of replacements. This longevity contributes to a decrease in the overall demand for timber, thus curbing deforestation and its associated environmental impacts.

Sprucing Up Your IRO Timber with Minimal Effort

There’s so much to love about IRO. From its rich, natural hues and distinctive patterns, the sustainable product creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, even on those cooler winter evenings.

Because of its versatile nature, you could bring it in for just your decking, but you might want a fuller feature and decide to combine your decking and landscaping vibe. As a low maintenance option, IRO is developed with stain resistant properties and can be easily spruced up with a mop and lukewarm water to wash away any dirt, affording you extra time to sit back and enjoy some quality time in your outdoor space.

Winter Maintenance Tips for IRO Cladding, and Decking:

As the dark nights draw in and we prepare to turn the clocks back an hour, our gardens and terrace furniture are often left abandoned, open to the mercies of stormier weather.

Investing in some covers can protect your furniture but with snow, rain and frost taking a toll, don’t forget to regularly check in on those decking areas too. Check for debris and give your IRO a bit of TLC – a gentle brush and mild soap can help maintain its pristine appearance and fend off mould and mildew.

If you notice any colour changes during the winter, use a brush and sponge to touch up the ends of your IRO Timber that are more exposed to the elements and wipe away any surplus cream using a damp cloth.

IRO Timber leads the way for sustainable materials, offering not only environmental benefits but also a beautiful and durable solution for outdoor spaces. As winter approaches, proper maintenance ensures that your IRO cladding, and decking retain their charm and ecological integrity.

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