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Innovation in colour

IRO is created with a traditional method of Japanese wood preservation – Yakisugi – where the wood is charred to give a beautiful and tactile finish. IRO is a 100% natural timber that can be used in innovative, imaginative ways to breathe new life into external spaces.

Main image credit: Kenton Jones

Create a lifetime
 of memories

By combining one of the oldest, most versatile building materials with progressive design techniques, IRO is a revolutionary product that transforms any space.

About us

Life in colour.

Available in a range of 3 colours to complement every environment.

IRO 360

Easy on the eye.

Easy to maintain.

Easy on the environment.

As our sector’s largest integrated business, with capabilities including seeding, forestry management, harvesting, and production, we have a responsibility to help drive positive change.

By growing markets, increasing efficiency and resilience, and elevating our craft, we can help secure the future of our industry and our planet. We have a shared will to create value and achieve sustainable growth.

To commit to this change, and help people think bigger, broader and more holistically, we invest heavily in education and innovation.

Sustainability, flexibility, functionality. Built in.

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