How is IRO created?

Inspired by the traditional Japanese method of yakisugi, IRO is crafted through an intricate process that uses the most innovative timber technology. This encompasses state-of-the-art sawmilling and two stages of kiln drying, in addition to heat enhancement, brushing, high pressure treatment (for external products) and the application of a protective wood cream.

What profile is IRO?

IRO internal and external cladding have a square edge profile while IRO decking is eased edge.

What size is IRO?

IRO Internal External Decking
nominal size (mm) 25 x 150 25 x 150 32 x 150
finished size (mm) 21 x 145 21 x 145 28 x 145
lengths available (mm) 2400, 4800 3300, 3600 4800

How is IRO decking installed?

IRO can be face fixed like any traditional decking. For a smoother finish we would recommend using the camo fixing tool. View the fitting instructions here.

How is IRO cladding installed?

IRO Cladding is installed like any traditional cladding. View the fitting instructions here.

Is a ventilation gap required?

IRO cladding needs an air flow behind and we recommend installing a batten system which allows ventilation. A well-ventilated structure will increase the durability by ensuring that timber remains at the correct moisture content. IRO decking should be installed on a frame. This will act in the same way by allowing air circulation. Read more information here.

What gap should be left between the boards?

A 5mm gap needs to be left between the boards (for both cladding and decking) because timber expands and contracts depending on the weather conditions.

What maintenance is required?

We recommend using a sponge and hose to keep IRO clean. Don’t used anything powerful like a power wash to clean IRO otherwise you’ll damage the product and remove the coating. We also supply a maintenance product and touch up cream, that can be applied easily. Wipe on wipe off, as easy as that.

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