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Wrexham garden receives IRO makeover

The owner of a Wrexham-based landscaping company, County Landscapes NW Ltd, wanted to create an exciting new look for his own garden – and IRO proved to be the perfect product.

Gardens become the heart of the home during the summer months due to the light nights and warmer weather. Ease of installation was therefore important as the project had to be completed before then.

Steve had many options, from pathing stones to composite decking, but IRO decking placed first. He said: “David Chapman, the sales director at IRO Timber, showed me some samples – and all the great colours – from the decking range.

“I’d never come across coloured decking boards before and instantly like them. I showed Alex, my wife, a few of the samples and we went with dolphin.”

It was important for Steve to establish a modern but cosy vibe that was family friendly, so IRO’s HVOC-free and low maintenance properties were significant – but it was the texture of the deck boards that really caught his attention.

“I work in the landscaping industry so I’m familiar with all the products we could have used,” he said. “Once I saw IRO I knew it was the perfect fit. New products excite me, especially when they’re as unique as the IRO range.

“Everyone who’s seen the decking has been blown away by how nice it looks and how different it is from standard decking timber. Dolphin has a shimmer to it that I’ve never seen before.”

Steve added: “My customers trust my feedback on landscaping products and I will definitely be recommending IRO to them. It was easy to install, great value for money and is now easy to maintain too. My customers will love it.”

David Chapman said: “IRO can be used in any setting, whether it’s an 80s bar, a restaurant or a summer garden. IRO is new and unique so there’s nothing that compares to the product.

“It’s great to see people in different industries love IRO just as much as we do. This makes it a special product that is ideal for a range of environments.”

To find out more about the IRO cladding and decking range, email us at hello@irotimber.co.uk.

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