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Soft colours make a bold IRO statement

The Minnie family wanted to create a modern but, simplistic space to wind down with a glass of bubbly or two during the evening. They were looking for a unique product that offered more than a typical deck, and that’s when they were first introduced to IRO.

The look

Carin Minnie, homeowner said: “We immediately loved IRO when we first saw it. We loved it that much we didn’t look at other decking brands as we knew it was the right product for our vision.”

“We were looking for a decking product that created a minimalistic but, modern look outside. We decided to use dolphin and charcoal around the border. This tied in nicely with the black window frames and meant the modern, minimalistic look was consistent throughout the house and garden.”

Victoria Goulden, Sales Executive at IRO Timber, said: “IRO’s varied colour palette means you can mix colours to make the perfect design. Carin has used two colours from our core range, and it tied in nicely with the whole design of the property.”

The benefits

Carin added: “We were drawn to the fact IRO is a barefoot, friendly product and appears to be splinter free and nice on our feet.”

“We were most impressed by the fact that you can touch up the colour with minimal effort and product. It was easy to install and it appears not to be slippery.”

“Even during the hotter months, a composite decking would absorb the heat and burn my feet but IRO does the complete opposite.”

Victoria Goulden said: “By introducing the touch-up tins, this means customers can recoat their decking every 3-5 years. This makes it look brand new and restores all of IRO’s benefits making it a lifelong deck.


Carin added: “I am really impressed with the product and the service I have received. The customer service and follow up has been excellent. IRO has been really supportive and helpful and therefore a brand I would highly recommended.”

“I have already impressed a lot of people with my deck and may even have a couple of potential customers.”

Victoria added: “Sales are made through recommendations and word of mouth. At IRO Timber we strive to deliver excellent customer service as you never know what a project can lead onto.”

To find out more about our decking and cladding range, email us at hello@irotimber.co.uk

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