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IRO Timber adds high-quality finish to garden renovation

Healy Fencing and Landscaping based in Solihull recently worked on a garden transformation project that used our IRO Timber decking to create a cool, contemporary space for a client that contains a sun deck, seating area and space for barbecuing and socialising.

Connor Healy and his team undertook the project and completed it in less than three weeks using our decking in dolphin to create a fun and versatile garden space that was designed specifically for dining and lounging.

The Challenge

Connor and his team at Healy Fencing and Landscaping were approached by a client who already had decking in their garden but wanted to enhance the area. Connor was requested to complete design work and expand on what they had, bearing in mind that the area would need to withstand heavy footfall during warmer months and varying weather conditions.

The client was torn between using composite decking or timber decking, so Healy Fencing were tasked with finding the perfect solution. Connor and his team made a few visits to the property to assess what they could create that would be reflective of what the client wanted.

With a sun lounging area, and a section for barbecuing as part of the client’s requests, Connor sought out IRO’s products to create this ambitious entertainment space.

“I’d heard about IRO from a Facebook landscaping group,” said Connor. “I’d first come across BSW and used their products for composite decking, then I saw they had timber decking; it looked lovely. It was different and unique to the market, so I wanted to trial that out.”

The Impact

Within the space of two and a half weeks – due to some unexpected extreme and bitter weather conditions during the construction – the Healy Fencing team set to work on renovating the existing patio space using IRO.

Created using our Yakisugi-inspired manufacturing method, which involves heat-enhancing the wood for longevity and a sleek, perfect finish, IRO impressed Connor in its appearance, range of colours, unique properties and price.

“I chose IRO over other products because it’s natural timber – it’s not like anything else on the market,” said Connor. “No one else has a timber decking product like it, and it comes in so many different colours, giving the client plenty of options.”

The team opted for ‘dolphin’ as their chosen finish – a neutral mid-grey hue with a slight shimmer – to blend with the existing decking and colour scheme of the client’s garden.

Connor added: “It adds a lovely shimmer because of the particles in it – when the sun shines, it really sparkles!”

Due to the location of the installation, Healy Fencing also had to make sure the timber used was cut out to withstand all kinds of weather and heat, as well as having the ability to last while retaining its appearance and durability.

As the timber is already treated, Connor and his team felt this would be more practical for the client, as it wouldn’t have to be treated afterwards and was overall less maintenance in the long run.

Speaking about the benefits of using IRO, Connor added: “It’s the way that it is produced! Water doesn’t absorb into the decking when you get a downpour – it just beads. The application of a wood protective cream enhances the life span of the decking – it can withstand varying weather conditions.”

“It’s a more superior product than you’d find with normal timber decking,” Connor states.

The Finished Project

The result was an impressive entertainment area in the client’s garden which contained an elevated deck with a seating area and spaces for sun-bathing, dining with guests, and cooking outdoors.
The client then brought this to life further with their own eclectic finishing touches, including elegant lighting and modern seating.

Overall, Healy Fencing were elated with the finished product and the quality of IRO Timber. “I’d use IRO again and I’d recommend it because of its versatility,” said Connor.

“You get a wide of a range of colours and it’s not just used for decking; you can clad with it and all sorts – you can make a feature in your garden.”

Connor added that his favourite colour out of the range was dolphin, as used in this project, saying that it is ‘very unique’ and ‘goes with any property.’

He also praised the IRO team in helping with information and supply of the products, as well as the service received, mentioning that the team were ‘all great people, and very friendly’.

“If you have any issues, you know it’s going to be sorted out,” Connor said. “As a customer you are very looked after, which also aligns with our values as a business. They go above and beyond.”

You can read more about our IRO decking range here, or contact our team, who will be happy to help, at hello@irotimber.co.uk.

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