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Innovative seating area created from IRO decking

Next Level Landscapes recently used our dolphin decking for a complete garden renovation project requested by a client. Next Level Landscapes are based in Wigan, and landscaper Jordan Clayton recently managed the project which saw the completion of a plush raised seating area, complete with two porcelain paved patios and a fire pit.

Next Level Landscapes were able to complete the project and create a sleek, modern look for their client that transformed their garden space into an elegant sun trap and social area.

The Challenge

Next Level Landscapes were approached by a client who were keen to renovate their garden using porcelain tiles to craft a chic, contemporary look that would make the most of their large garden space.

The client contacted Next Level Landscapes through social media to chat through a number of ideas. They wanted to try something different, which would involve a minimalistic floating seating area, with a permanent fire pit located at the centre of a tiled patio deck.

Jordan used this as inspiration to draw up a plan, complete a design and progress with a stylish raised seating area that would sit in the far corner of their garden, allowing them to maximise the space more effectively.

The renovation would need to be low-maintenance and weather-resistant, as well as designed with everyday wear and tear in mind. After doing some research, Bill Simon, national sales executive at BSW Timber, presented the Next Level Landscapes team with some samples of IRO Timber, and Jordan was inspired to use IRO Timber to take the project to new heights.

The Impact

IRO had already caught Jordan’s eye and, having seen other landscapers using this on their Instagram accounts to great effect, Jordan incorporated this into the plans.

“When Bill came out, he explained the process with IRO; it looks nice and is a bit different to other products on the market,” said Jordan.

This made the actual construction of the seating area and changes to the client’s garden much easier. As the product was so easy to install, it took the Next Level Landscapes just three and a half weeks to complete from start to finish, including digging the whole yard up and removing the previous fencing, to installing the new structures and adding the finishing touches.

IRO Timber in dolphin – a neutral mid-grey shade with a light sparkle – was chosen, and with the benefits of the Yakisugi process, it was ideal for withstanding rain, snow or shine and maintaining its slick appearance for longer.

“It’s very easy to use,” said Jordan. “It’s pretty straightforward because it’s already treated – it’s ready to go and cut to size so it fits together. You don’t have to rub it down and stain it, which saves a lot on time.

He added: “Adam Thomas, the business development manager at Jewson, also supported us by supplying the IRO decking and he gave us excellent service”.

The Finished Product

The outcome was a beautifully crafted, elevated tiled seating area with ‘floating’ benches, a functional fire pit and renewed fencing. The project was completed quickly thanks to the IRO already being treated and finished, allowing the Next Level Landscapes team to concentrate on the other elements of the project for a professional, clean finish.

Our manufacturing processes ensure that the wood is UV-stable and HVOC free, making it child-friendly and pet-friendly, but also more resilient to rot and insect attack, which can often cause other timber products to look aged and decline in quality.

Jordan said: “I looked at other products, but there were big prices attached to them and this was by far the most cost effective. I would definitely use it again – it’s just a really good product and great value for money for what you’re getting in terms of longevity and maintenance wise.

Find out more about IRO Timber decking here, or get in touch with the team to find out how you can use it for your own projects.

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