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Charcoal IRO helps connect home and garden

Colin, from All Nu Landscapes, first heard about IRO through a Facebook group called Landscaping Survival. The group unites landscapers across the country, and all the talk of IRO in the community encouraged Colin to try the product himself.

Colin has a wide range of customers but, The Parker family, stood out as they had recently undergone a home makeover, and had installed open doors which lead into their garden. Mr & Mrs Parker were looking for a modern garden to match the interior of their house and IRO was the perfect product for their vision.

Colin said: “Mr & Mrs Parker asked for a sleek, modern, low-maintenance product which also showed off their new extension and complemented the big space in their garden.”

IRO’s water-repellent, self-cleaning surface means any water will pearl on the surface, and any dirt will therefore wash away much more easily than it would on a traditional timber deck.

Colin continued: “Mr & Mrs Parker were looking for modern blacks and greys, as well as somewhere to sit and watch their dance-mad daughter bust the moves and football-crazy daughter kick the ball about throughout the year!

“The garden is over 300m2 so we had a big job on our hands, but we knew the perfect products to pull together to form one stunning garden which all the neighbours will envy.”

Alix Lancaster, Marketing Executive at IRO Timber, said: “It’s great to see IRO is becoming a household decking brand. More and more people are becoming aware of the brand, the product and its purpose. The project looked amazing and we’re thrilled with the outcome.”

Colin added: “We transformed the garden in only 20 days! It was a big project, but we managed to do it.

“I believe IRO helped us to complete it in this timescale because it’s an easy product to cut and touch up. We also used the camo fixing tool to install the decking; this gave us the perfect spacing and an amazing finish which we were thrilled with, and our customer was too.”

Find out more about the IRO decking range here, or click here to contact Colin at All NU Landscapes.

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